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Licensing: 046763

Specialties: Buyer's Agent, Listing Agent, Relocation, New Construction


Steve Nickerson is not your "typical" real estate agent... Steve is a former INC500 CEO with over 25 years in the Real Estate industry with a reputation for results! By providing focused leadership for successful real estate sales & marketing, Steve consistently helps his clients succeed in getting to what's next in their home ownership journey! 

Licensing: 55047769

I grew up in Real Estate and have always had a passion for the industry. I enjoy putting a smile on people's faces. Real Estate keeps me busy in many directions - I enjoy the fast pace of the industry and the ability to help and guide others through the entire buying or selling process! I love the beach in California and the crisp smell of the Rocky Mountains, and you'll find me eating either BBQ or sushi for lunch!

I am passionate about helping home buyer’s find the home that is just right for them. I will skillfully guide you through the process helping you achieve your goals in the most cost effective and least stressful manner; "Helping one person might not change the whole world, but it could change the whole world for that one person."

As a former school teacher and veteran of the armed forces having moved and bought and sold several homes myself, I understand the apprehension in making change; that is why I can skillfully guide you through your home buying process, making it as smooth as possible. And as a mom of three boys, I appreciate how the right neighborhood is very important to families; l will be happy to discuss options with you. 


In my spare time I enjoy practicing yoga & meditation, exercising at the gym, hiking, skiing, day trips, thrift shopping, reading, writing and spending time with family & friends. I recently started skydiving and find it exhilarating!

As Lead Buyer's Broker for Nickerson & Associates - I am available to provide any information about buying and selling residential real estate in the Metro area. I look forward to helping you in any way I can in making your dreams a reality.

Phone: 714-262-1998


After growing up in Southern California, I traveled the western US with my husband and pup to find a new home base that had it all - rock climbing, hiking, good beer, food to die for, a community to grow our family - and Denver was it! I became a Licensed Executive Assistant to help others find their dream home, too. I am hyper-organized and am happiest when my to-do list is all checked off!

My dream day would be a morning ski-trip to A-Basin and dinner afterwards at Blue Pan Pizza :)

Phone: 619-576-2731


I have always had an interest in real estate, interior design and everything HOME related!

I love being able to support the One Home Colorado team in an administrative capacity because it brings me closer to this area that I have such a passion for.

I have 2 kiddos - a two year old daughter and a newborn son. I work virtually from Boise, ID but dream of visiting Denver for our next vacation. Also, you’ll likely find me working on our site with iced latte in hand!

Melanie Sedalnick - Realtor
Licensing: 32590n

Have your ever heard the expression that "if you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life"? Since growing up an amateur real-estate groupie (open houses, internet sites, etc), I naturally decided to turn my hobby into a career and I have loved every exciting, challenging (and everything in between) minute of it! 

Just as no two people are alike, neither are any two transactions alike. Each client's situation is unique, as are their goals in each transaction; therefore, my approach is "all about you". I pay careful attention to what is motivating your decision, discover how I may best serve you, thoroughly understand your expectations and become your personal guide and advocate. I treat my clients to a world-class experience throughout the real estate process with my client care approach, market knowledge and industry experience. I'm out there every day, making sure your wants are covered and needs are met. Effective and consistent communication is a high priority. You will never be wondering where in the process you are, as I keep you informed from start to finish and beyond. 

Once your move is complete, you will not only be excited to refer me to your friends and family, but you’ll have gained a friend on the “inside”. I take pride in growing relationships and becoming a one-stop information resource for all my clients; past, present and future.

Jennifer Cobb - Realtor
Licensing: SL3357543

I am a Realtor® with Robert Slack, LLC and an a proud member of the National Association of Realtors®.

My promise to you is that I will deliver the highest level of personal service to you during your real estate transaction. When you call me, you will reach me, not an assistant who hasn’t seen the homes that you have looked at, or has never been to your home that you are selling, I will always have a positive attitude with honesty and open communication. Buying or Selling a home can be a fun experience and I will do everything I can to make sure of that. I am committed to helping you find the home that is right for you, or helping you get your home sold so you can move on to the next dream home. If you are searching for a Caring and Knowledgeable REALTOR, I would be honored to work with you to help you sell or purchase your next home.

Enthusiasm, dedication and honesty are what you can expect working with me! I make an effort to always respond in a timely manner to prospects and clients as Customer Service is very important in conducting my business.

I understand that being involved in a real estate transaction can be very stressful. Educating, guiding and empowering my client is my priority. I always put my clients best interest before my own. Developing these type of relationships with clients gives me an advantage over other professionals. I believe that every problem has a solution and that most problems can be solved with honest communication. I am very straightforward and give good and bad news immediately. 

I'm fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and English. Living abroad has provided me with a myriad of multi-cultural experiences which i put to good use as a Real Estate Agent .

Please call me anytime, even if you are just curious about the value of your current home!