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Divorce is a tricky subject. You’ve got lawyers, finances, relocation, emotional turmoil, and sometimes even kids thrown into the mix.

And to add to the complicated situation… you may need to sell your home.

So the million dollar question is - when?


First, you both must decide if you’re going to sell. Sometimes, one partner may want to keep the home and buy the other out, or your spouse may have a differing opinion on when to sell.

But, it can be a difficult process to remove someone from a mortgage. If both names are on the mortgage, an individual may not qualify by themselves. This is especially true in more expensive markets. Unfortunately, that may mean that the couple is forced to sell the home.

But if you’re planning to sell, experts suggest that at least one party remain in the home until it sells. A home with no furnishings can be more difficult to sell and remain on the market longer. An alternative is staging, which could decrease your home’s time on the market, but is also an expensive strategy. Plus, both parties moving to a new home means juggling three mortgages, which can be difficult in ANY market.

One of the main factors to keep in mind in this situation is your tax responsibility. Selling a home after a divorce could cause your maximum write off to drop significantly. There’s a capital gains exemption of $250,000 per person, or $500,000 as a married couple. Once divorce is finalized, it’s likely you’ll lose the other $250,000.

It can also be useful to find an agent that has some experience working with divorcing couples. A realtor specialized in divorce will be able to represent both parties’ interests and make sure that details are ironed out prior to listing. You want to have any disagreements about listing price, etc prior to finding a buyer or scheduling showings. If you’re local to the Highlands Ranch area, One Home Colorado is available to serve you.

Perhaps most importantly, do your best to remain calm. It will likely be a stressful experience, but removing as much emotion as you can from the situation will help both parties.